2012 DooLittle 18ft 7000 Lbs

11 miles
Used 2012 DooLittle Trailer. Deck Width 84'' Overall Width 102" Deck Length 18' Overall Length 22' 7000 lb Axles.
VIN: XCMO96591
DOT Approved Lights. Slide Ramps. 7 Way RV Plug. $2,750.00 New. $1,995.00 Used Price. Call Joe at 314.503.8312

Schroeder Motors

1713 Ford Lane, St. Charles, MO
We are the Corvette Capital of the World! Our size allows us to be very selective about the cars we offer for sale. Each and every car is hand-picked and receives a thorough mechanical inspection.

We specialize in low mileage, original and well-documented cars. Whether you are looking for a driver or an NCRS Top Flight car, Schroeders is the place to visit.
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